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Machined Parts in PTFE

Machined Parts in PTFE

We are the main producer of machined parts in PTFE in northern Europe. Our production range contains everything from standard guide rings and seals, to customer specific products. Many of the products we manufacture today are very advanced. In this production field, we benefit from our long experience in materials and know-how which we have gained during the years.

Development in close co-operation with our customers

All products in this area have been designed and developed in close relation with our customers. For example, we produce nozzles and sleeves for high voltage breakers as well as guide rings, rolls, membranes, fittings, vents etc. Our solid experience of different techniques, both traditional and isostatic, gives us the ability to produce material samples that matches the properties our customers require.

Delivery with very high precision

We have the most modern production equipment and we have created special tooling to match customer oriented requirements. The products we develop are often key elements in the applications which they are meant for. Our logistics and warehouse functions have been shaped to obtain a very high delivery performance.

Fillers to improve product characteristics

We regularly use a number of fillers to further improve the material properties of PTFE and thus the product characteristics. The addition of fillers can for example improve the wear and tear strength or the conductive properties of the product. Molybdenum, graphite and stainless steel are commonly used just to mention a few of our additives.

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